Waste Profile Form

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SEND SAMPLES TO:   Phibro-Tech, Inc. 8851 Dice Road | Santa Fe Springs, California 90670 · (800) 777-1850
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  A. General Information:
 Generator Name 
 Generator Site Address 
 Generator Mailing Address: 
 City       ST   Zip 
 Phone No   Fax No 
 Generator EPA ID Number 
 Generator Contact 
 Bill to Company 
 Bill to Contact 
 Bill to Address 
 Email (notification sent to this email) 
  B. Description of Waste:
  Generator's Common
   Name of Waste 
   Process Generating Waste 

 C. Manifest and Labeling Information:
   RQ               UN/NA No 
  Proper DOT Shipping Name                                                             
   EPA Waste No
D001 Ignitable – DOT OxidizersD002 Corrosive D004 Arsenic
D005 Barium D006 Cadmium D007 Chromium D008 Lead
D010 Selenium D011 Silver
   State Waste No 
   Haz Class  PG 
  D. Characteristics of Waste:                                                                                                                                       
ColorOdorSpecific Gravity@70 F 
Flash PointPhysical State at 70 F  pH        
  E. Select Generic Waste Type that best describes Waste
  F. Metals Total PPM:
  Ag Cr3+  Se   
  As Cr6+  Cu  
  Ba     Hg  Ni  
  Cd     Pb  Zn  


Chemical Composition
(constituents must add up to 100%)

Phibro-Tech cannot process any waste that contains: PCB’s, Cyanides, Pesticides, Phenolics or Dioxins .
 G. Hazardous Characteristics:
Phibro-Tech cannot process any waste that has the characteristics of Infectious or Biological waste, Organic Toxicity, Radioactive, Explosive, Pyrophoric or shock reactivity.
  H. Anticipated Annual Volume:
   Quantity               One time onlyOn-going
   Container Type (Select all that apply)  
 I. Special Handling or Additional Information:  
  • SDS Attached LDR Attached
J. I hereby certify that through generator knowledge and/or chemical analysis, all information submitted in this and all attached documents is    complete, accurate, and that all known or suspected hazards have been disclosed. I also certify that the sample submitted with this document was collected   using the appropriate sampling technique, so as to be representative of the actual stream. I also certify that the sample is properly classified, packaged,   marked, and labeled and that the package is in proper condition for transportation according to DOT regulations.
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